We bridge the gap between physical space and digital possibility

  • Create jaw-dropping, reality-smashing activations on virtually any surface
  • Touch Free & hygienic - no screens to touch or equipment to wear
  • Make an impact with a memorable custom experience

Get your audience engaged with custom experiences for Live Events. We help brands attract more foot traffic, generate buzz and create new relationships


Make a Statement: You have just seconds to attract attention to your trade show booth. Win over new clients with a fun interactive experience.

Pop-Up Activations

From concept to budgeting to execution, our expertise will save you time and money. Hosting entertaining pop-ups will keep customers consistently walking through your doors.

Corporate Events

We create fun and engaging branded experiences that you’re employees will be buzzing about for a while.

Festivals & Museums

We’re artists AND technologists. We love pushing the boundaries of the imagination with mind-bending experiences.

We make magic. In fact, we designed our own magic wand.

We make magic. In fact, we designed our own magic wand.

The Ion can be completely customized to the needs of the environment you’re creating. It relays position and direction down to a centimeter! Imagine being a football quarterback with the Ion as your football, running through a massive digital NFL experience. The Ion has powerful technology inside and it’s shell casing can be designed to fit perfectly into the world of interactions that you’re creating

Immersive Dining
Enjoy bold new ways to consume content

Play with your food! We produce custom art based on your branding and cuisine. Augment your staff with digital automation and self-checkout.

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New and futuristic interfaces
Retail Innovation & Touch Free Check-out

We specialize in touch free menu systems that are not only intuitive but also extremely clean and hygienic with nothing to physically touch.

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